The essays collated in this somewhat belated issue of JUSAS Online are, with some exclusions and inclusions, a medley of papers read at the JUSAS Winter seminar held in February 2014. The area explored is of considerable significance, literary, cultural, and historical, ranging as it does from trade-links between the countries to travel-narratives by writers as eminent as Mark Twain. As such, it has been the fulcrum on which some of our previous seminars have  turned, though here we have only been able to touch the tip of the iceberg. The present issue offers discussions on the responses to the New World of nineteenth-century Indian travellers like Swami Vivekananda and Pandita Ramabai as well as cultural and philosophical exchanges and cross-influences shaping ideological and philosophical concerns in both countries. Also, an essay written for a JUSAS publication , Rabindranath Tagore in Americahas been included, appropriately, in this issue . Appropriately too, a brief note on the  reception of and response to Tagore’s extremely innovative paintings in America, we felt, would be an interesting annexure. An open discussion at our seminar raged over the relevance and success of American plays translated and/or indigenized for the Kolkata stage. The co-ordinator of the discussion, herself a translator and theater-person presented her musings on the subject in this online issue.

This issue contains the following papers:

Tagore’s Internationalism and America’s Globalization – by Dipendu Chakrabarti, Retd. Professor, Calcutta University

Pandita Ramabai and Swami Vivekananda in America: An Encounter of Civilizations – by Jayati Gupta, Professor, West Bengal State University

Cross-Cultural Exchanges and its Effects on the Transcendentalists and the Non-Violent Movement in America – by Richard Sharp, Professor, Washington Catholic University

Modern Satyr Plays: American Drama Indigenised on the Kolkata Stage – by Sukla Basu (Sen), Professor, Department of English and Other Modern European Languages, Visva Bharati

Whitman, T.S.Eliot and Modern Bengali Poetry – by Abhishek Sarkar, Assistant Professor, Jadavpur University

The Representation of India Within the Hollywood Narrative: The Politics of Exchange and Othering – by Asijit Dutta, Researcher, Jadavpur University

Tagore’s Paintings in America: Reception and Rejection – by Indrani halder, Editor, JUSAS Online